Welcome to
The Learning Lounge

The Learning Lounge is a collaboration space to foster learning and discovery in the comfort of a safe environment. With the foundation of a collaborative community, we will cultivate our capacity for curiosity, investigation, and contemplation. 

This is an adaptable space that is reflective of the aspirations of the community. Pathways will be explored, shared and developed based on the questions that are being asked within the space. 

We are building a culture and community of inquisitive minds, and we want you as a participating member of this community. Talk to us about what you want to see in this space, and we will evolve to follow the threads of interest that emerge within the community.

Come playfully explore and together we will empower one another to contemplate and inquire more deeply.

In The Spirit of Generosity

The Learning Lounge exists on the basis of generosity. People have gifted their time to make this a reality, and the funding for us to open has all been donated.

We believe in the value of creating a space for community inquiry in the midst of our city, and we are committed to ensuring that this is available for whoever wants to engage without finances being an obstacle. Almost all of the activities in The Learning Lounge are offered without a fixed price, but by donation.

In order for us to continue to offer this space, we rely on your donations. When you come to the Learning Lounge, please consider what the value of this offering is for the community, and what you are able to give in order to support this offering to flourish.

Our Timetable

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When there is not a specific event on, then the lounge is a drop-in space for you to come and chat, get creative, meditate, or whatever else you’d like.

Our offerings are in categories:
Drop-in sessions
Workshops and events

The darker coloured groups are closed groups. If you’d like to participate, please talk to us first.


Below the timetable is a list of upcoming events, or click here to see everything we offer.

Upcoming Events


Wednesday 17th August 6:30-8:30pm

What does acceptance mean to you? Where does it begin, where does it end? When is it easier to accept and when is it harder? What does it allow and how does it make a difference to ourselves and our experiences with other?

I would love to invite you into a sharing circle to explore all of this and more.

All you need to bring is an open heart, a curiosity to explore, and a willingness to be present with each other’s perspectives and enquiries.


Friday 19th August 6:30-9:00pm

We are at the halfway point for our original lease dates at The Learning Lounge.
This evening is a time for those who have been involved to reflect and reorient for the second half!


Saturday 20th August 6:30-8:30pm

Spring is the optimal time for a DEEP CLEANSE! This workshop will cover an introduction to Ayurveda and seasons with a specific focus on purification and detoxification therapy. We will explore the qualities of the spring season and how these principles support your body in releasing toxins out of your systemand tissues.

We will be talking about seasonal diet, lifestyle principles, and share delicious Ayurvedic Spring recipes.

Panchakarma, the traditional ayurvedic detox is a Sanskrit term and refers to five purification therapies designed to flush out toxins. I will introduce ideas for you to inspire your practice at home and share details about my Panchakarma therapy package.

Activate your self healing power! - The art of self massage

Sunday 21st August 6:30-8:30pm

You will learn a variety of effective techniques to lower tension in your entire body with a focus on specific areas such as psoas, trapezius … which are the usual suspects for physical discomfort.

You will learn how to use your own hands, feet and knees to access certain areas and pressure points. We will go through a full body sequence step by step and finish with a harmonising meditation.

You will be able to ask questions so you can practice the sequnece safely at home too.

No previous knowledge in massae or yoga is needed.

New Moon Magic: Women's Circle

Friday 26th August 7:00-9:30pm

Witchy soul sisters, can you feel the call?
To come together under the power of the New Moon

The New Moon in Aquarius invite us to reflect on our hopes and dreams for the future. What structures do we have in place to achieve those goals? Now is the time to authentically shine with child-like joy to step forward into your true W.I.T.C.H (Women In Total Control of Herself)

This is a ticketed event. Book your tickets here

Living with wisdom, compassion,
and non-clinging engagement

Sunday 28th August 10:00AM-12:00PM

Tarchin Hearn has been giving a series of talks all year titled ‘Living with wisdom, compassion, and non-clinging engagement: The heart of Dharma from a universal perspective.

We will Zoom in to the classes each month.
For more information on Tarchin Hearn, visit: https://greendharmatreasury.org/

Sound Movement Journey

Sunday 4th September 4:00-5:30pm

Moving the waters within through sound and movement.
Mindful movement and guided meditation will be shared, supported with gentle breath and energy medicine. Connecting us to our bodies and allowing ourselves to come into a receptive state to receive the healing vibrations from Crystal Sound Bowls. This journey is for you, to restore your sympathetic nervous system, to feel held and supported and to bring you into a restful flowing state.

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